Why was a six-foot-thick layer of concrete laid on the grave of Charlie Chaplin, who made the world laugh? A shocking story based on a heartbreaking incident

 Charlie Chaplin

Star Charlie Chaplin's ill health began to decline in the late 1960's after the completion of his last film, A Countess from Hong Kong, and it gained momentum after receiving the Academy Award

six foot thick layer of concrete laid on the grave of Charlie Chaplin
six foot thick layer of concrete laid on the grave of Charlie Chaplin

in 1972 and speaking to him until 1977. And it became difficult to walk and they started using wheelchairs.

He spent the last days of his life on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. On December 25, the Christian community around the world was celebrating Christmas. Unfortunately, this great artist was called that day. 

On Christmas Eve, when the pastor was sitting near Charlie Chaplin's deathbed, he encouraged him and said, "May God have mercy on your soul." The news of his death on Christmas Eve in 1977 shook the world. Charlie Chaplin was buried in Corsair Sir Vive Cemetery, Vaud, Switzerland. 

It had been three months since Charlie Chaplin's death and the grief of Charlie Chaplin's departure was so fresh for his fans that he received another unbearable piece of bad news. On March 1, 1978, an incident took place at the site of Geneva Lake in Switzerland. 

Two suspects from a group of Swiss artisans who were unemployed in those days stole the world's most famous dead body under a scheme, and that dead body belonged to Charlie Chaplin. The suspects stole a dead body from his family to extort money, which they demanded 600,000 Swiss francs in return. 

But police failed, and Charlie Chaplin was found 11 weeks later near Lake Geneva. The suspects were arrested. Charlie Chaplin's dead body was later buried in another grave. And the grave was covered with a layer of concrete six feet thick so that the future No such thing again in the future