Is the Pakistani warship PNS Tughral, ​​built in China, an effective response to the Indian navy?
PNS TuGhral Ship Pakistan Navy

Is the Pakistani warship PNS Tughral, ​​built in China, an effective response to the Indian navy?

News of the recent entry of a Chinese-built warship Tughral into the Pakistani navy has received a lot of attention in the Indian media, with defense experts questioning whether the "frigate" is a naval co-operation between China and Pakistan. As an example, won't it challenge India's traditional naval lead over Pakistan?

A few days ago, the Pakistan Navy acquired Chinese-made 054 AP warships which, according to naval officials, are capable of conducting ground-to-ground, surface-to-air and underwater combat operations.

These warships have been dubbed 'PNS Tughral' by the Pakistan Navy's High Command.

'Tughral' warship 'masterpiece of performance'

When contacted, Captain Rashid, Director General, Media Wing, Pakistan Navy, said that the first Tughral class naval warship, HZ, was built at Shipyard, Shanghai (China). Three more naval warships of the same type will be used by the Pakistan Navy by the end of next year. According to him, the inclusion of these ships in naval batteries will increase the strength of the navy.

He added that because of the weapons and sensors on the warship, they are a "masterpiece of performance" capable of performing a wide range of operations at sea. Includes the ability to hit submarines on land, in the air and underwater.

The acquisition of 4,000 tonne warships will provide the required deterrence (defense capability) which means eliminating potential threats to maritime borders and coastal areas while also helping to secure maritime and maritime means of transportation. Will get

Captain Rashid said that PNS Tughral will start its journey from China tomorrow and it will reach Pakistan within a month through regional bases including Manila, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

According to Captain Rashid, the 054 AP Type K and another frigate (naval warship) will be delivered to Pakistan in the next six months and a third ship will be added to our fleet in the next six months while at the end of the fourth year. By then we will have completed the process of acquiring four frigates in total.

Pakistan Navy officials say that in the context of security aspects of the region, small-scale frigates will strengthen the Pakistan Navy's naval and naval strength and help ensure defense on the maritime front and meet the challenges ahead.

According to officials, they will ensure balance of power in the Indian Ocean region and ensure peace and stability.

According to Pakistan Navy experts, Tughral class frigates have so far been included in the Pakistan Navy's list of the most advanced naval warships.

Talking to BBC, Pakistani defense analyst Shahid Raza said that 54 AP type naval warships have the latest combat capability among the ships in Pakistan Navy's fleet so far.

According to him, with the advent of these warships, the operational capability of the Pakistan Navy has increased manifold and its scope has also increased. These warships belong to the state-of-the-art frigate currently in use by the Chinese Navy.

According to a senior Navy official, "The addition of these warships to the Pakistan Navy fleet and the acquisition of the existing Chinese-made F-22P frigate will greatly enhance the Pakistani Navy's engagement with the Chinese Navy." The Pakistani navy will become a major partner of the Chinese navy.

In recent times, the Pakistan Navy has focused on modernizing its navy and has implemented a comprehensive program in this regard.

Is the Pakistani warship PNS Tughral, ​​built in China,

Is the Pakistani warship PNS Tughral, ​​built in China,

Comparison of Naval Forces of India and Pakistan

According to some recent Indian media reports, India currently has 17 submarines (16 powered by diesel and one powered by nuclear power). According to Pakistani officials, Pakistan has nine diesel-powered submarines. Compared to the frigate, India has a clear advantage over Pakistan.

But from a Chinese perspective, the situation is quite different. According to a US Department of Defense statement, China has the largest navy in the world in terms of ships.

By the end of 2020, the Chinese navy had more than 70 submarines (SSBNs), seven of which are nuclear-powered and equipped with missiles. There are 12 nuclear attack submarines (SSNs) separately, while 50 diesel-powered attack submarines are also present in the Chinese navy.

Experts on the Pakistan Navy say that the type of 054A / P naval warships could be considered a major breakthrough. Comparing the former British Type 21 frigates of 1970 which were delivered to Pakistan in 1990, these ships are very useful and efficient, especially in terms of expertise and capability in the fight against submarines.

However, according to these experts, the Indian Navy has maintained its lead over Pakistan in terms of capacity and numbers. In the global arms market, India is considered to be the most attractive buyer of modern weapons and this fact has attracted arms makers from Europe, USA and Russia to India.

According to Indian media reports, the Indian government has approved plans to buy 56 warships in the next ten years.

According to a defense expert, on the other hand, Pakistan's economy is suffering from a shortage of capital, so Pakistan has turned to its military ally China to acquire modern weapons, including frigates and submarines.

It is generally believed that Chinese arms companies sell arms to Pakistan at special prices.

Some naval warships in the Pakistani navy are unable to cope with the threat posed by modern missile systems, but experts say the inclusion of the Tughral frigate in the Pakistani navy could improve the situation.

Tughral's arrival and 'alarm bell'

The inclusion of Tughral in the Pakistani navy has found a prominent place in the Indian media and apparently India is more afraid and threatened by the presence of the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean than by increasing the capacity of the Pakistani navy.

According to the Times of India, the modernization of the Pakistani navy and the acquisition of naval bases will increase the presence of the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. In addition to getting state-of-the-art naval warships from China, Pakistan is also going to take eight submarines from China as part of the modernization of the Pakistani navy.

According to a report released by the Brookings Institution in June 2020, "Over the past three decades, China has significantly increased its presence and activities in the Indian Ocean region. Diplomacy has raised fears among US and Indian warlords. That would give China (China) an additional potential for a significant military force beyond its territorial waters.

The growing presence of the PLA Navy in the Indian Ocean region and the growing cooperation with the Pakistan Navy has raised concerns, especially in India.

According to Indian media reports, there is a huge gap between the Pakistani and Indian navies. Indian media has cited a website called Global Fire Index, which analyzes the strength of forces around the world. According to him, India currently has 285 warships while Pakistan has only 100 warships.

According to a report by the Brookings Institution, in the IOR (Indian Ocean Rim Association), most of the PLAN's visits in recent years have been to Pakistan, with Chinese naval warships being considered. That they are making full use of the facilities at Karachi Shipyard.

with Chinese naval warships being considere
with Chinese naval warships being considered

Pakistan's navy is now part of China's Indian Ocean strategy

Speaking to the BBC, C Raja Mohan, a renowned naval and strategic affairs expert of India, said: Is unlikely.

He said that it should be a matter of concern for India that Pakistan's navy has now become a part of China's strategy in the Indian Ocean. Pakistan has now become part of the manifestation of China's naval power in the Indian Ocean.

Pakistani officials say the arrival of PNS Ertugrul will greatly increase the ability of the People's Liberation Army and the Pakistan Navy to exchange information and conduct operations under a joint system. The two countries' navies have conducted several joint exercises to achieve the goal of this broader partnership.

According to Pakistan Navy officials, 54 AP type PNS Tughral naval warships are capable of performing a variety of tasks. "They will be the mainstay of the Pakistan Navy's core fleet, while the defense capability on Pakistan's naval front will be further strengthened."

The Pakistan Navy acquired four frigates (naval warships) from the British Royal Navy between 1993 and 1994. Four ships PNS Badr, PNS Tipu Sultan, PNS Babar and PNS Shah Jahan were removed from the fleet on completion of their professional physical term.

The Pakistan Navy procured 054 AP type frigates from China and started using 21 types of free gates instead of those obtained from UK as these ships had also completed their term.

In June 2017, Pakistan ordered 054A-type frigates equipped with weapons and sensors used by the Chinese Navy.

According to a report published by the Brookings Institution in June 2020 entitled 'China's Aspirations in the Indian Ocean', the People's Liberation Army is working on a comprehensive plan to enhance the cooperation capacity of the countries of the region. And its main focus is counter-terrorism operations in the Indian Ocean.

In February 2021, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Pakistan Navy conducted naval exercises for the eighth time in a row under the leadership of Pakistan. To enable

The last of these exercises, in February 2021, was attended by the navies of several countries in the US and NATO military alliance to dispel the impression that these exercises were aimed at enhancing cooperation between the navies of Pakistan and China. Focus.

However, a recent report released by the US State Department on the increase in Chinese military power said that the next base of the Chinese navy in the outside world could be established in Pakistan. PLAN's first outdoor base is currently under construction in Djibouti, aimed at cracking down on pirates in the western Indian Ocean region.

In the context of acquisition of Pakistan Navy's 054 AP type warship and joint naval exercises with PLA Navy, Pakistani officials said that in the last naval exercise, the two countries discussed professional matters in the Navy. The focus was on enhancing the partnership process and partnership in the maritime sector. Operational training activities, joint sessions, discussions on professional topics and social activities have also been arranged. The navies of the two countries will take these activities forward to expand their partnership.