Nazim Jokhio murder case: 'I took my brother there believing in the jam but my brother came back in the shroud

Nazim Jokhio killed trusting Jam took his brother there and killed him
Nazim Jokhio killed trusting Jam took his brother there and killed him

Jam Owais Gahram's father Bajjar Khan is a tribal chief and his elder brother Jam Karim is a member of the National Assembly. This family is closely related to the family of Sardar Ataullah Mengal.

 He has put my brother back in the shroud. I did not know that sword is more important than human life.

Afzal Jokhio, brother of Nazim Jokhio, who was allegedly beaten to death by Sindh Assembly member Jam Owais in Malir area of ​​Karachi, alleges that Nazim stopped some foreign hunters from hunting with swords in his area and made a video of them. After which he was allegedly tortured to death.

Karachi police had registered a murder case against PPP MPA Jam Owais Ghuram Jokhio and his employees for killing Nazim. The lawmaker was arrested last night and police took his physical remand from the court on Friday morning.

The slain 27-year-old Nazim Jokhio belonged to Achar Salar Jokhio village of Malir. He was employed in District Council Karachi. He has three daughters and a son who are one to five years old.

Nazim's brother, Afzal Jokhio, told the BBC that Arab hunters had been searching for swords in his area, especially in the Karo Mountains, but this time he turned to his village.

Nazim went half a kilometer away and stopped them on which he was caught and later Nazim made a video of him and made it viral.

"I got calls from people in Jam, I told my brother to delete this video. He said, "I am not afraid of anyone. I will not delete it."

Afzal Jokhio said, "Nazim had refused to go but I insisted that Chlo Jam Sahibs respect me. I have also been elected a member of the district council. I have confidence in them."

Afzal Jokhio had three brothers and Nazim was younger than them. He said that when he reached his room, the people of Jam beat Nazim with sticks and butts of guns.

"I joined hands with Jam and apologized. Jam Sahib said no apology, you people have insulted my guest, after which they kept beating him and later locked him in a room and told me to go and come in the morning. People have told us that at five o'clock in the morning, they again beat the brother to death.