Kund Malir Where the sea mountains and desert meet

Kund Malir
Kund Malir

Mountains Kund Malir,

Kund Malir Beach was named one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in Asia last year

Sea, mountain and desert! Those who are interested in nature, if they find these views in one place, they are attracted to it like a magnet.

Kund Malir From Karachi,

Kand Malir Beach on the Makran Coastal

Kund malir map from karachi
Kund malir map from karachi

Kund malir map from karachi,

Highway, 240 km from Karachi, is one such place.

If you travel from Karachi on RCD Highway, you have to turn left at the place of entertainment to reach KUnd Malir and the sign here is a statue of 'Princess of Hope' which reminds you to travel from here on Makran Coastal Highway. Will

The Makran Coastal Highway stretches as far as Gawadar and there are archeological, religious and recreational sites on both sides of the road.

Among them is Hangul National Park, where many species of birds and birds as well as markhors are found.

In the lap of Hangul National Park, there is also the holy place of Hinduism, Nani Mandir, and the most unique is the earthen mound called Chandra Gupta, from which the dust comes out with the pressure of the wind.

Kand Malir beach
Kand Malir beach

Blue water of Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Baloch is a small fishing village perched on a hill with the sea flowing at its feet. The blue water on the white sand and the waves hitting the sea attracts the passers-by.

The construction of the Makran Coastal Highway and the churches of beauty of Kund Malir on social media have given tourists a foothold here and now people can be seen enjoying the blue waters of the sea with their families on the occasion of festivals apart from weekly holidays. Are

Kund Malir was named one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in Asia last year. This ranking was based on tourism and photography.

The sea is not much deeper here than the famous beaches of Karachi, Hawke's Bay, Mubarak Village and Kaka Pir and that is why children and women also dive into the sea without beating۔

Karachi to Kund Malir beach
Karachi to Kund Malir beach

Most of the tourists who come to Kund Malir come on day trips

Despite being located in Balochistan, the majority of tourists visiting Kand Malir are from Karachi to Kund Malir the capital of Sindh province, who come here in private vehicles or with tour groups.

When we reached Kund Malir, Mrs. Farid from Karachi was there with her family. According to him, "the sea here is clean, there is loneliness, there is no rush of people, families can come here because it is safe."

Mrs. Rakhshi, who came from Karachi, said, "The beach of Karachi has been polluted by the people. Children's pampers are lying there. No such filth has been seen here."

Most of the tourists who come to Kund Malir come on day trips but there are also people who spend the night here on a starry beach.

In this regard, some huts have also been built on the coast but their rent of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 is not within the reach of the middle class.

The majority of tourists are seen staying in huts Kund Malir

Kind malir
Kund malir

In addition, many huts have been built along the coast which are available for Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,500 and the majority of tourists stay in them.

There are also separate public toilets for men and women and this facility can be used after paying Rs 30 per person.

Tourists staying overnight bring generators or charged lights due to power outages.

Salman Hussain came here with a dozen of his friends. "We brought a generator and an echo sound," he said. Barbecued at night and also prepared breakfast here.

There is a very calm and clean environment and great scenery. Now I plan to come here with my family.

Tourists either make their own food or bring it from home

Karachi resident Ismat Naheed suggested that if a few ramps were built on the beach, huts were built and a few facilities were provided, a lot of people would come here.

Kund malir beach blochistan
Kund malir beach blochistan

Fuel availability Kund Malir

The journey from Karachi to Kund Malir is about 250 km and due to the long journey it is necessary to take care of food and water as well as fuel.

Kund malir Hotel,

Food is available, but fresh drinking water is scarce Kund Malir

There is no large population on the way from Vandar to Kund Malir. In some areas, even mobile phone signals disappear, but some networks continue to work.

The Balochistan government has also decided to build a resort at Kund Malir, but there is no rescue here and no hospital is available in the distance. Its true beauty is its clean water and pollution-free environment.

A young man named Shehzad Ahmed said that the tourists who come here have a duty to keep the beach clean, throw the garbage of the things they bring back in a garbage can or any garbage place or Keep it, otherwise the situation here will be like Karachi.

From a distance, this mound of mud looks like a princess wearing a frock and a crown on her head

The mysterious princess of hope Kund Malir

After bathing in the sea of ​​Kund Malir and taking a walk on the beach, if your heart is full, another creation of nature about 24 km away from here is of interest to tourists and they are the unique earthen mountains which have been built for many centuries. The wind that blows through there has carved something as if it were a masterpiece.

Somewhere they look like a glimpse of Egypt's famous Abolhol, somewhere they look like an ancient fortified wall. A hill between these mountains has been named 'Princess of Hope'.

From a distance, this mound of mud looks like a princess wearing a frock and a crown on her head.

Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has made this mysterious statue in the desert 'Princess of Hope' world famous.

The landscapes on both sides of the Makran Coastal Highway are like an open-air museum, now it's up to the tourists to decide how many adventures they have and where to brake their vehicles.