Dont quit your Job until you have a new one.

Many people Make the Mistake of Quitting their job after hearing someone's words and advice.
don't quit your job until you have a new one
don't quit your job until you have a new one

 It has often been observed that this decision of such people proves to be very wrong. Most of the people in the Job are bored. Due to the bitter words of the subordinate boss and many other issues, every job professional gets bored in his job to some extent.

But trouble arises when a Person who is bored with a Job decides after listening to someone's motivational talk, Watching Videos, reading articles and then looking for an excuse as soon as he finds an excuse he immediately kicks the Job. So how does he spend a few days, but when his Pocket is empty, it is understood that wrong decision has been made. When you are living o salary, the whole month's calculation is related to salary, then you suddenly face a lot of difficulties due to losing your Job. There is nothing to be gained by regretting.
Quit job while interviewing
Quit job while interviewing

Quit Job while interviewing

There is a difference between giving up one's sustenance and redeeming one's sustenance. However, it is a test from Allah and experience has proved that losing one's Job due to someone's conspiracy, due to an accident or due to some compulsion leads to a better Job. Leaving a Job without any hard compulsion or any excuse. Quit job while interviewing.

Leaving a Job because of one's selfish personality is Tantamount to giving up one's Job. And giving up one's sustenance falls into the category of ingratitude and ingratitude.

It is a fact that your Business is Many times better than a Job. There are many virtues of business compared to a job but it is also a fact that doing Business is not the Job of Every servant. Not every servant can do business and not every servant has enough sense and ability to do business. The most difficult task is to attract a Job seeker to the business and change its track and then the servant who has a good Salary needs a lot of liver and courage to move to the business.

YouTube, Business Motivational Friends chase every servant with a Stick. If a Job seeker is influenced by someone's writing, follows the words of a business motivational Speaker, or decides by watching someone's videos "then the next steps need time for Any business investment, planning and The most important thing is Experience. If you suddenly quit your job and start a business, then the first investment will be brought. If the accumulated capital from the Job is invested in the business, then there is no experience and no planning. Abilities, everything is destroyed.

How to quit your Job

If a person is tired of the Job and wants to leave the Job and start a business, then it is necessary for him to plan first, How to quit your job .do part time business and gain Experience in this field when he is sure that he has understood now and success is certain. 

How to quit your job Then quit the job" like the wise people who move from one job to another do it so that they look for a better job than the current job or if a good offer comes from somewhere then they think about it in every way. After investigating, they resign from the job and immediately join another Job. But if a servant is not looking for another Job and there is no Planning, then what will he do if he suddenly quits his Job? How to quit your job Doing a job or someone gets stuck in an even worse Place.

 Sudden decisions made due to emotions, Ego and personalities put a person in a lot of trouble and there is always regret and regret for such decisions.
importance of listening business
importance of listening business

importance of listening Business

Remember Never Make a Decision by listening to someone, being influenced by the words of a motivational speaker, or watching someone's videos. Because most motivational speakers have never been in business themselves, they are just talking nonsense. Write things .

Adopt a principle that when you hear about Business from a motivational speaker, ask him if you have done this business yourself or you know the nuances of it. There is a huge difference between reading, watching, listening and doing business. People who are involved in business will never succeed unless they get information and Rxperience. Would have The servant who has done the work or understood it, has seen it closely or any of his close servants is Working, then he can tell exactly how much Milk and how much water there is. One should not believe that One who does not have experience has not done the work himself.

Every human being is endowed by Allah with different abilities and talents. Just as every human being differs from others in form, intellect and consciousness, so also in every respect Allah has endowed every human being with different abilities. People who are influenced by the abilities of others and start doing the same thing or another servant who is working or in the field in which they also take up the same field, often do nothing but waste of time, waste of Skills and abilities. Don't get Every human being is Different from others, so it is better for him to do something different from others. Every servant has different talent, so he should do something different for himself. He also loses his Skills and walking backwards often leads to slowness.

You are Talented and capable. Allah has placed hundreds of abilities in you so you can do something new and Unique. All that is needed is to recognize your abilities and value your abilities. If you have Self-Confidence and confidence and are determined to do something new, have Confidence in your abilities, then choose a different path for yourself in the name of Allah and work towards your destination. Insha Allah, Success will kiss your feet.