At least 21 killed, several injured in Bihar poisoning

At least 21 people died from drinking poisonous alcohol
At least 21 people died from drinking poisonous alcohol

In India, in a video tweet from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, he is heard saying, "If you get drunk, you will go the same way." If it is found, it will be a mess. Wherever there is alcohol, it goes wrong. If you do, anyone will feed you in a messy way and go away. '

Nitish Kumar has said this in the context of recent deaths due to fake drinking in the state.

In the eastern Indian state of Bihar, at least 21 people have died from counterfeit liquor in the past three days, according to official figures, but journalists and locals say the death toll is much higher.

State Excise Minister Sunil Kumar said, "There have been 10 deaths due to alcohol poisoning in West Champaran while 11 deaths have been reported in Gopalganj." Only after the post-mortem report will it be clear whether the cause of these deaths is drugs and alcohol. Police are conducting raids at various places in connection with the incident and a local police officer has also been suspended.

The series of killings in Gopalganj started on November 2 and in West Champaran on November 3. Most of those killed belonged to the Dalit community. In addition to the deaths in these incidents, there are also reports of blindness.

Also in August 2016, 19 people died due to poisoning in Gopalganj and six people lost their sight.