Facebook has changed its corporate name to Meta in an attempt to rebrand. The company says the name will better "cover" its efforts as it plans to invest in social media as well as virtual reality.

Facebook name changed
Facebook name changed 

This change will not apply to individual platforms, such as social media platforms Facebook and Instagram and the messaging app WhatsApp, and will only apply to the company that owns all of these platforms.

The decision comes amid a flurry of negative and disturbing information circulating about Facebook through leaked documents from its former employees.

Frances Hagen has accused the company of "prioritizing profit over safety." In 2015, Google also changed the structure of its company and named it Alphabet, but this name did not gain popularity among the people.

Announcing the new name, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said he was planning to build a meta-version. It will be an online world where people will be able to communicate, work and gamble through VR headsets in a virtual environment. He said that the current brand is not able to cover our current efforts, how will it do in the future, so it needs to change.

"Over time, I hope we will be seen as a 'metaverse' company," he told a virtual conference.

Facebook being rename meta
Facebook being rename meta

"We have now divided our business into two different areas, one is the family of our apps and the other is our future platforms," ​​he added.


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Why can it be difficult for Facebook to call itself Meta?

Naming or renaming a company is a difficult process. Zuckerberg says he chose "meta" because it means "beyond" in Greek. It also fits the meta-version of an online world that Zuckerberg wants to build.

However, calling yourself 'meta' can be a difficult process for Facebook. One reason for this is that the timing of the renaming suggests that this is a rebranding attempt to divert attention from the many negative stories about the company.

Critics say Facebook did so because the brand is now tainted. The second reason is that meteors do not exist. Zuckerberg has stressed that this is a long-term plan. So it's weird to have a different name for your most important product right now. All of Facebook's revenue comes from Facebook and Instagram ads.

Why Facebook changr name
Why Facebook changr name

And the third reason is that we have seen in the past that efforts to rebrand other major technology companies have failed. No one calls Google the Alphabet, a name that was coined in 2015 in an attempt to rebrand.

What is clear is that running Instagram and Facebook is no longer Zuckerberg's interest. He is now interested in creating a new online world and virtual reality.

The constant criticism of the way they run their social media platforms will surely be quite tiring for them. The change of structure may give them an opportunity to focus on the areas of the company in which they are interested. In this sense, the reason for this change is understandable, but whether people will agree with this change, only time will tell.