YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps are about to be blocked

Most people who use Android mobile standby change their mobile in 2 to 3 years but there are some people who use the same mobile phone for years.

Now is the time for these people to get rid of their mobile phones as certain Google apps will no longer run on these mobiles. These include Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps which will be blocked from September 27.

 Google launched Android 2.3 and Android brand Ginger in 2010, which will no longer run on Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube. If you also have this version of Android, change your mobile phone immediately.

Android 2.3 is found in older mobiles that do not have the operating system to upgrade to Android. Those who have an upgraded operating system in their mobile can upgrade to Android 3.0 and then run these apps.

However, all these apps can be run with the help of the browser, but the apps will not run.

With an estimated 3 billion Android devices currently running worldwide, Google's decision will certainly affect a large number of logos.