Convenience to the citizens of KaRachi Green Buses and KCR

citizens of KaRachi Green Buses and KCR

KaRachi Green Buses and KCR

Karachi, Pakistan's largest city and economic hub, which has lacked good transportation for many years, Karachi residents finally got a good ride in the form of the Green Line Rapid Bus Service (BRT).

The service will provide daily travel to 300,000 people in Karachi. 40 buses from China reached Karachi under Green Line Rapid Service. Another 40 buses will be imported in the next one month. Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, CEO Sindh Infrastructure Development Company and other government officials were present on the occasion. In this regard, the head of operations of the operator company  

Green line bus Jobs 2021

Shah Zaman said that 200 drivers including men and women will be trained for the Green Line Rapid Bus Service for which male and female drivers can apply. Meanwhile, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said that the citizens of Karachi would now be able to travel in the best possible way.

Green Line bus tickets

Tickets for the Green Line bus service will be available at the station. In addition, the Green Line bus service will be able to pay for tickets via a monthly card. But for now, the buses will have to wait for two months. In any emergency, there will be an emergency exit and two tracks. Its automated system will run 40 km on a closed engine in case of technical failure.

Green line bus route
Green line bus route map

Green Line bus Route and Stations

There are 22 bus stations in the following 113 km journey.

Surgani Terminal

Four K Chorangi

North Karachi

UP Morr

Nagan Chowrangi.

Sakhi Hassan


North Nazimabad

Eid Gah

Urdu Bazaar



Guru Mandir

Nomaish Chorngi

Aga Khan 3 Road

Aurangzeb Markaz

 Green line bus Tickets can also be obtained from these stations.

For decades, there has been no better transport facility for the citizens of Karachi. Citizens of Karachi are forced to travel in dilapidated private buses. Whenever public transport is mentioned in Karachi, dozens of people can be seen hanging from the roof fence. Smoke and pollution. Broken roads. This metropolitan city of Pakistan still lacks good transport facilities Better transportation is a citizen's right۔

Metrobus Lahore.

In 2013, when Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the Lahore Metro Bus, the era of modern transport facility began in the country and then the Islamabad Metro Bus Orange Line train project. These plans were criticized by the opposition but all these plans proved to be the best for the common man and the PML-N government gained immense popularity from it. Later, the then opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) launched the BRT Peshawar project in its Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which was ruled by the PTI.

Therefore, in Sindh too, there was pressure on the Sindh government to facilitate public transport.

Sindh Chief Minister's BRT

When Qaim Ali Shah was the Chief Minister of Sindh. At the time when metro bus service was started in Lahore and Islamabad, there was a lot of pressure on the Sindh government to start a public transport project. Former Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah removed the old buses called by Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal from the transport warehouses and drove them on the roads.

The city's broken roads, jumps and traffic could not be tolerated by these buses. One by one, these buses started returning to their warehouses and garages. The Sindh government could not provide any transport facility to the citizens. The current BRT Karachi project was also launched by the federal government.

Who started the Green Line bus project?

This was in 2015 when a study was conducted on Karachi's public transport which proved to be in poor condition. The then Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif laid the foundation stone of the Green Line Rapid Bus Service project in 2016. Which was to be completed by the end of 2017. At that time, it was estimated at 16.85 billion Pakistani rupees, but at that time, at the suggestion of the Sindh government, its runway was extended by another 10 km, which increased its cost to 24 billion Pakistani rupees. Later, the government changed and the project is now nearing completion after a four-year delay. Some of its routes and stations remain to be worked on.

Karachi Circular Railway KCR

Last year, the Circular Railway was partially operated by Pakistan Railways in Karachi. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has repeatedly ordered the operationalization of the KCR. This transport facility became available to the citizens of Karachi in November 2020 when the court strictly ordered to start KCR.

KCR Route and stations

The journey starts from Marshalling Yard Railway Station in Karachi Port Qasim area and ends at Orangi Railway Station, 60 km from 22 stations in the city.

Kcr route
Kcr route map

Non-operational station

Depot Hill

Karachi University

Urdu College



North Nazimabad


Site town

Shah Abdul Latif



Wazir Mansion

Karachi Port Trust Halt

Operational station

Malir Colony

Malir Cantonment

Karachi city

Karachi Cantonment

Chanesar Halt


Drigh Road

Loop line

Drigh Colony

Jinnah International Airport


Malir Line

Landhi Junction

Jumma goth

Bin Qasim Port



 A one-way ticket from KCR Korangi station to Pipri costs Rs. 50. The train has a capacity of 500 passengers but has very few passengers.

Metro Bus Orange Train and other public transport companies that were started earlier are running in deficit, on which the federal government and the provinces have to pay billions of rupees in subsidies annually.

Now let's see if this bus service of a city which contributes a large share of revenue to the national economy also benefits or harms the country.