British army imprisoned the tree in chains for 123 years

 Khyber Rifle House in Landi Kotal District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan.

British army imprisoned the tree in chains

A tree in this house has been in chains for the last 123 years. The tree is bound in thick iron chains.

It was 1898 when James Squid, a British army officer, was so drunk that he drank and felt a tree approaching. So he ordered his soldiers to tie the tree with chains. Therefore, this tree is still imprisoned in the Rifle House of Landi Kotal on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Lady Diana room

Khyber Rifle House FeaturesN

Notonly that, but the house also has Lady Diana's room where Diana used to stay one night.

Lady Diana stayed in this room during her visit to Pakistan in 1991, after which the room is safe

Here are their pictures, telephone, sofa, bed and other items.

These items were specially preserved after the sudden death of Princess Lady Diana.

When the Queen and her husband Prince Philip visited Khyber Pass in 1961, they also had lunch at home.

Queen Elizabeth sent home a photograph of herself with her signature as a gift.

Not only the UK but also important personalities from all over the world have visited here.

It is a military base built during the British occupation of India but its importance was due to the presence of important personalities.

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