Instead of the German corona vaccine, salt water was injected.

The scandal of a nurse injecting salt water instead of the corona vaccine at a vaccination center in the German state of Saxony last April is now spreading. A nurse at a vaccination center in Shorten, a town in the eastern German state of Saxony, admitted to injecting the corona vaccine with salt water, after which the scandal spread through the media. Initial reports said there were six cases in which a nurse at a particular vaccine center had injected salt water instead of the corona vaccine. However, police and prosecutors are now saying that the number of people taking such injections may be higher. Police and the public prosecutor in Fresland, Saxony, said on Tuesday that there was a strong possibility that more than six people would be injected with salt water instead of the corona vaccine. 

Has done According to the latest police and public prosecutor's statement, the Roofhausen Vaccination Center, located in the Saxony district of Friesland, between March and April 20 this year, may have affected 8,557 people, meaning they were vaccinated with salt water instead of the corona vaccine. Is. All of these individuals, meanwhile, have been notified via email. * What happened,

 There have been reports so far that a nurse at a vaccination center in the German state of Saxony last April vaccinated six people with salt water instead of the biotin vaccine, which is considered harmless. The reason given by the nurse was that during the vaccination, the ampoule of the bio-tech vaccine fell out of her hand and the original medicine was lost, and she reported the matter to the head of the vaccination center. She was feeling embarrassed. Immediately after the incident, the management of the German Red Cross District Association fired the nurse and informed all the victims that they would all be vaccinated again. State police, the prosecutor's office and Saxony security officials were all involved in the investigation. Meanwhile, a female police spokesperson said in a statement that there was no political implication behind the incident. 

 Victims' reaction According to the latest information, about 100 victims have registered their names by calling the complaint telephone number set up by the district administration. The head of the crisis team said, "People are worried but the good news is that they have registered their names and now the vaccine given to them will-be fully tested  about At the same time, the police are continuing their-investigation. A spokeswoman for the city of Wilhelmhaffen also said the investigation was investigating the possibility of alleged bodily harm to all victims. The Public Prosecutor's Office in Oldenburg is also examining the criminal aspects of the case in detail.