Hunza Valley Pakistan is a tourist paradise.

hunza valley tourism

The area of ​​Pakistan where people from all over the world come for tourism, one of the areas where you have not seen, you have not seen the beauty of the world. Yes, it would be fair to say that you will admit that when you come here you will see this beautiful view of nature standing here.

This is Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan and Hunza region of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Islamabad International Airport

Wherever you are in the world, Hunza is not far from you. If you plan to go to Islamabad somehow, Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. This is an international area. Here you will also find the embassy of your country. An international airport. That is why you will find yourself safe and satisfied. Now you want to go to Gilgit-Baltistan by road or air from Islamabad as there is also an airport in Gilgit-Baltistan. I would say that if you come from another country and your visa allows you to go by road distance form Islamabad to Hunza distance is 12hr 58min 599.6 kilo m via N-15 and Karakoram Hiwy/N-35 and enjoy the beautiful scenery, then let's go by road.

Islamabad to Hunza Motorway

hazara motorway

If you leave Islamabad for Hunza, you will go to Abbottabad via Hassan Abdal. You will definitely want to stop here for a while. Because Abbottabad is also a beautiful place and if you have a political mind. If so, you will definitely try to visit the area of ​​Abbottabad where US and NATO forces claimed that Osama bin Laden had been killed in an operation. Most foreigners come here. . Let's go from here and you will go to Mansehra Choonch and then travel to Thakot from where you will travel on the world's international road Silk Road which is also called Karakoram Way. This road between the mountains and the river will show you the most difficult and beautiful scenery, but the real beauty lies ahead.

The journey from Gilgit to Hunza is of trees full of white, orange and pink flowers. The Indus River makes a lot of noise along the road. It is very close to us. Mountains of different colors You will be forced to say that this is the world or heaven? All the colors and pleasant weather here. If you come here in summer, light rain will also welcome you. You said you are in the world? Yes, you are in Hunza area of ​​Pakistan.

Valley Hunza

is beautifully spread over an area of ​​7900 sq km from Hassanabad to Aliabad through which you will pass through flowers of different colors that will greet you in every way. Are we really in a world where you are in a healthy climate and beautiful environment away from the pollution of dust mills factories? Here you will find the most difficult language in the world. Don't worry, this is a tourist destination. You will also find other foreigners who have come to visit like you. Aliabad is a tourist destination in the city of Hunza. The whole area around it is as attractive as Karimabad. Here you will find hotels, rooms, camps and everything you need.

The citizens of Hunza lived only 60 miles from this place in Gilgit. According to the British, these people were beautiful to them but they were called dacoits, looters and ignorant. Because they took the caravan back to Kashgar and Jalalabad, as I have said, the Silk Road has been an international highway since ancient times. The local ruler of Hunza was Mir Safdar Ali. Mir Safdar Ali went to China after wars and battles. The area was later occupied by British troops.


hunza valley hotels

Where the highest mountainous area is almost surrounded by mountains, these mountains are famous for Raka Pushi, Golden Pack, Duran Pack, Lady Finger Pack, Ultra Pack. There is also a Karimabad bazaar here and you will be compelled to buy a lot from here as all these items are beautifully designed by hand and you will definitely buy it. Here you will see Mir Sahib's old house which is really a 700 year old fort. There is also an old town near Karimabad which is 900 years old.

Everywhere here, beauty speaks for itself. This whole mountainous region of the Himalayas is like paradise in the world. Flowing waterfalls. An Englishman in a British government says, "If you ask me, what was the world like when my son was born?" I will take it by the hand and take it to these northern parts of Pakistan. It is a fact that Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan very beautifully. You will miss coming here again and again.

K2 Mountain Deaths

k2 mountain deaths

A few kilometers away is K2, the
k2 mountain deaths
 second highest mountain in the world. There are three highest mountain ranges in the world, one of which is Karakoram. Starting from Jaglot, this mountain range is close to the Pakistan-China border. We will write about this in more detail in our next article. Southwright CCR News will publish a weekly article on Pakistan's tourist destinations.