What is Pi Network, 
Is this really a cryptocurrency launch?
Isn't it true that our data is being stolen?
How Much Money Can a Billionaire Network Make?

Should Visa Information Technology Pakistan make its citizens aware of this fact?

Report Yasir Akhoon Karachi:

The Pi Network app was launched in 2019 and is founded by Professor Nicholas Stanford University of America.
This simple app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and then activated by verifying online fab, SIM number, or power and entering another user's referral code.

Reference code,
Refrecode gives the company the advantage that any user can persuade another user to install the app themselves, and the willingness of the applicable reference code is also rewarded by the number of people running the app. And entering your reference code makes a difference that there will be a lot of queens every day. Who are marketing for the app. App owners are also taking advantage of the marketing here.

Open the app once in 24 hours:
This app should be opened once in 24 hours so that your mining can continue. Apparently the company is making it a condition to open it once in 24 hours because it will let us know that the person using the application is not a computer reboot system. But the same money-making shirt from the internet that is paid to the app owners who click on any app daily to open the app, the app owners are also benefiting here.

Pi Network
Pi Network has now developed Pie Hack Thun using the services of its customers. All of this is being updated in the Pi app, which can also be viewed on the Blockchain Tour. The pie administration is working hard and some circles are waiting for the pioneers. It is said that Pie Cryptocurrency will be launched in 2023, but since only Pie application has been working for the last three years, it is not possible that it will be launched in 2023, so this app will be launched by 2025. Will be taken Then something is possible

However, I do not intend to hurt Pai Nair at all. I have analyzed and some people will agree. I pray that it succeeds and many people are hoping to get rich from it. Their hopes should be fulfilled soon.