Indians fled Afghanistan, 


Indian Diplomats Flee,

Tensions in Afghanistan,

After the withdrawal of US troops, the Afghan Taliban took a major step forward. The Taliban announced the establishment of their government in 250 areas. After the Taliban's attack on Kunduz yesterday, Indian embassies were closed and Indian officials began to return. According to a report, cargo planes from India have reached Afghanistan in which a large number of weapons have been brought from India for the Afghan army.On the one hand, India is negotiating with the Taliban and on the other hand, military assistance to the Afghan army.

This is a very sad situation. On the other hand, there is a perception in Pakistan that India is sitting in Afghanistan and committing acts of terrorism in Pakistan. That is why Pakistani territory bordering Afghanistan, especially in Balochistan, provides support to Pakistani separatist groups. The fact is that Pakistan has more support from the Afghan Taliban than the Afghan government. Q The Afghan government is closer to India than Pakistan and India has made Afghanistan its colony. Due to India's growing influence, Pakistan Worried that is why the majority of the Pakistani people support the Afghan Taliban, one reason is that the Afghan Taliban support Islamic law and the Taliban have been fighting for the last 20 years. They lost their government, but did not compromise on their principles. The Taliban hosted a man named Osama bin Laden and refused to transfer him to the United States. They lost their government but did not compromise on their principles. The Afghan government, the Northern Alliance, took advantage of the US invasion and would have occupied Afghanistan. Now that the Taliban have fought a sacrificial war for twenty years, how can they miss the opportunity to rule Afghanistan today?

Unfortunately, the United States, Russia, Pakistan and India are also fighting on Afghan soil. Afghans themselves are well aware of all this. At this point, the Afghan government and senior figures in Afghanistan need to address all of these issues. They have to sacrifice their ego, they have to sacrifice their power and they have to make a mutual setup. All groups must work together to establish a new system. No country has to fight a war in Afghanistan, the future of the Afghan people has to be considered. What kind of system will Afghanistan follow in the future?

So that the Afghan people can live in peace like the rest of the world. Afghan children should not be orphans, widows should not be widows, they should take care of education, health and justice of Afghans.