Anything is said for the sake of it but Indian actor Akshay Kumar had flatly refused to spew poison against Pakistan.

According to media sources, Akshay Kumar has done many films based on patriotism. Not only did he refuse to use inappropriate language against the BJP but also threatened that he would leave the film if the anti-Pakistan lines were not removed from the script. 

It should be noted that Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant touched the feet of singer Mika Singh. According to Indian media reports, Rakhi SawantHi and Mika Singh met outside a local coffee shop in Mumbai, which was saved by the eye of the cameras. When he saw Rakhi passing by, he left immediately. Mika said that the current season of Bigg Boss has gone only because of Rakhi. Rakhi touched Mika's paws and thanked her. Rakhi couldnot keep quiet about-her compliments and starrted Praising Mika, Remember that the scandal of Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh came to light in 2006 and during a TV show. Suddenly, Mika Singh kissed Rakhi, which caused a controversy. On the other hand, Bollywood's Salu Mian filed a defamation suit against Indian film analyst and actor Kamal R Khan for reviewing his film Radha. According to media reports, the case against Kamal R. Khan has been registered in a local court in Mumbai. In response, Kamal R. Khan tweeted that this contempt of court case against Salman Khan is a proof of his frustration. I do movie reviews for my followers. You should make better films instead of stopping me from doing movie reviews. I will fight for the truth, thanks for the case.