Afghanistan ordered its ambassadors and diplomats to return from Pakistan.

 Afghanistan has decided to recall its ambassador and senior diplomats following the abduction of the ambassador's daughter in the Pakistani city of Islamabad. The Afghan Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Twitter that after the abduction of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, the Afghan leadership recalled its ambassador and senior diplomats from Pakistan. The ambassador was recalled until security concerns, including the arrest of the kidnappers, were resolved. He said that an Afghan delegation would soon visit Pakistan to review the matter, follow up the case and all related matters and take necessary action based on the findings. It may be recalled that two days ago, after the abduction of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador, a case of violence against her came to light. A statement issued by the Afghan Foreign Ministry claimed that Ali Khel, the daughter of Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Ali Khel, was tortured for several hours after being abducted by unknown individuals in the capital Islamabad. 

    • A statement issued by the Pakistani Foreign Office after the incident confirmed the torture of the Afghan ambassador's daughter 
      in Islamabad and said that Islamabad police had launched an investigation as soon as the incident was reported. The security of the ambassador and his family has been improved, the statement said, adding that law enforcement agencies are working to bring the accused to justice and arrest them. Later, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed also commented on the matter, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan had instructed him to use all possible means to apprehend those involved in the abduction of the Afghan ambassador's daughter. He said that the Prime Minister had also directed the Islamabad Police and other law enforcement agencies to bring out the facts on priority basis and arrest the accused within 48 hours. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Sheikh Rashid said that with the help of Safe City cameras and footage, information about the movement of the Afghan ambassador's daughter has been collected and only one link remains to be found. The problem will be solved.